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Report of Alumni association 2018-19

       Alumni Association Committee is working under the able guidance of Principal Dr. Sandesh S Gurav. Committee members are as follows:

Dr.(Mrs).V Sarada
Dr. S.D.Patil
Mrs.Nilam Shelar

       The committee has always worked as path guide for college and alumni.1)The meeting of Alumni Association Committee was held on 29th Nov. 2010. As pre the discussion in meeting, it was decided to make proper documentation of registration of Alumni, their profile and also feedback about college.2)Mr. Patil Umesh Bhaskar, Dy. Tahshildar- Murud-Janjira, the alumni of college (T.Y.B.Sc. 1999-2000) delivered lecture on the topic “Preparation of Competitive Examination” for the S.Y.B.Sc. and T.Y.B.Sc. students on 29th Jan 2011. Many of our alumni are working on influential post like have completed their post graduation and Ph.D. degrees. Some alumni have also qualified NET examination.

1   Mr. Yogesh Indulkar -   Qualified NET and about to complete Ph.D. and working in BARC.
2   Miss. Shubhangi Patil -   Qualified NET and working as a lecturer in chemistry in Engineering College, Panvel.
3   Mr. Deepak Garole -   Completed Ph.D. and working as a Assit. Professor in Uttar Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.
4   Mr. Sujit Disale -   Completed Ph.D.
5   Mr. Jagdish Thakur


Working as a lecturer in Chemistry at goregao college, Raigad and also has completed M.Phil. from
Madhurai Kamraj, University.
6   Mr. Patil Amol Sharad -   Working as a lecturer in Chemistry at N.N. Patil Jr. College, Poynad.
Miss. Deshmukh Vaijanta D. -  
Working as a lecturer in Chemistry at A.P.Sc. college, Nagothane.
8   Miss. Nilam Shelar -   Working as a lecturer in IT at A.P.Sc. College, Nagothane.
9   Miss. Channam Mahale -   Working as a lecturer in IT at A.P.Sc. College, Nagothane.
10   Miss. Shital Mahabale -   Working as a lecturer in Chemistry at Mangaon College, Raigad.
11   Miss. Pratima Lokhande -   Working as a lecturer in Chemistry at Mangaon College, Raigad.

       The Alumni Association Committee was formed on the same day. This is as follows

1   President -   Mr. Madhavi Shubhash Bhanji
2   Vice-President -   Mrs. Sanap Supriya Dilip
3   Secretary -   Mr. Ghodinde Ajit



1) Mr. Hrishikesh Yashawant Karjekar
2) Miss. Sonal Jitesh Jain
5   Treasurer -   Mr. Mestry Vikas Prabhakar

Contact Person


1) Mr. Sunil Baban Kuthe
2) Mr. Vishal Patil
3) Mr. Roshan Raman Jadhav
4) Miss. Payal Rajendra Jain
5) Mr. Anil Sharad Wadkar
6) Mr. Avinash Ramchandra Parange
7   Co-Ordinator -   Prof.S.D.Patil
8   Advisor -   Principal Dr. Sandesh S Gurav

       Now the committee has decided to meet twice a year to discuss the different issues regarding College and alumni progress.

Mrs.V. Sarada

Incharge Alumni Committee Association

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