• Student must maintain silence in the classes, Library, office, Laboratories and corridors. When they are free, they should make use of college library and must not loiter around the college premises. Loud conversation and shouting should be avoided.
  • The minimum 75% attendance and satisfactory progress in studies are essential requirements for student to become eligible for being sent up for University examination.
  • Self discipline is the best discipline .All the students are expected to observe rules and regulations, in force to enable the smooth working of the college.
  • Students should always wear their valid college identity card whenever in the college campus. No student is allowed to enter in the college premises without valid identity card.
  • During the time of lectures student should not loiter in the corridors or in and around the college premises.
  • Students will not be allowed to bring any outsider with them in the college but in special case parents or any outsider may be allowed with valid reason and with the permission of principal.
  • Students shall not organize picnics, excursion trips etc, on their own without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students are prohibited from doing anything inside or outside the college that will interfere in college administration or affects its public image. No outside influence, political or any other should be brought into the college, directly or indirectly.
  • In case of the any problem, personal or academic, students should report to the subject Teacher of their respective class or faculty in charge or the Principal who will help them to solve their problems.
  • Discipline committee is looking after the maintenance of discipline in the college .The powers relating to the disciplinary action in the college will be with the Principal and his decision in this respect shall be final. Anyone who violates the code of conduct will be severely dealt with.
  • Student will treat the college property with great care and consideration. They will not make any mark on the furniture or on the walls. Any damage or destruction of the college property will be punishable individually or collectively.
  • Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting within the college or collect money for any purpose from students and outsiders or to circulate among the students any notice or petition of any kind or paste it on the college notice board without the written permission of the Principal.
  • When the teacher enters the classroom, the student must rise remain standing still they are directed to sit down, when the attendance roll is called, each one must rise and give the presentee. Students who are absent from classes for two weeks or more at a stretch, without the permission of the principal in writing will be considered to have left the college. Students remaining absent for more than two days, for any reasons ( Personal/co-extra Curricular activities) have to submit the leave application duly signed before proceeding for leave.
  • Students are expected to be seated in their respective classrooms at the stroke of the 1st bell and wait for the teacher. Action will be taken against students found loitering about in the corridors making noise, students are to make use of the Library during free periods.
  • Students have to park their vehicles at the parking space only. Movement of vehicles in the college campus shall be in a moderate speed only.
  • Smoking/ chewing of tobacco , gutkha within the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • All the circular, notices related to examination and other programs etc. are displayed on the college notice board. Concerned students will be held responsible for the loss if they fail to read the notice.
  • About mobile phone as per the direction given by the Honorable Vice-Chancellor University of Mumbai, and Govt. of Maharashtra Students are not allowed to use mobile in the college premises.
  • Ragging is prohibited. Government of Maharashtra has notified ragging as a cognizable offence. Any one reported to be involved in any form of ragging will be severely dealt with. Therefore students are advised to restrain from indulging in any form of ragging.